Gastroenterology, Liver , IBD And Endoscopy

Best Gastroenterologist in Viman Nagar- Dr. Sunil Pawar

Gastroenterology simply refers to the department in which the Best Gastroenterologist in Viman Nagar looks after the symptoms and treatment of the disease pertinent to the gastrointestinal tract and nearby organs. Our team comprises the best gastroenterologist in Viman Nagar with high expertise that focuses on the function and complication of the Stomach, esophagus, colon, small intestine, gall bladder, pancreas, rectum as well as liver, and bile ducts. It goes without saying that we are privileged to have the best Stomach Specialist IBD specialist in Viman Nagar with profound and detailed discerning about the normal physiology of these organs and motility of food within and through the intestines, including the gastrointestinal tract so that healthy digestion, absorption of the food, elimination of the waste and whole metabolic process is maintained thoroughly.

Our Liver Clinic , IBD clinic in Viman Nagar’s aim is to provide state-of-the-art services for patients with digestive, Liver, and Pancreato-Biliary diseases and to facilitate training & research in the field of Digestive & Hepatobiliary Sciences. The mission is to be a care provider of the first choice, for patients who seek surgical management for Gastroenterology and Liver Diseases.

Gastroenterology At Poona Superspeciality:-

Headed by Dr. Sunil Pawar
Gastroenterologist, 10 years experience. 

Our team at Poona Superspeciality’s gastroenterology department treats every patient with extreme care. The gastroenterologist conducts profound counseling of patients. Based on their observation, assessment, and evaluation an effective diagnosis is made and treatment of various diseases related to the GI tract system is offered to them.

Along with diagnosing and evaluating the symptoms also involves performing preventive colorectal cancer screening with the help of the colonoscopy on a regular basis as a preventive measure of colorectal cancer. Some of the diseases, treated by the stomach specialist in Viman Nagar comprise, peptic ulcer, gastric cancer, pancreatitis, gall bladder stone and cancer, gastroesophageal reflux, malabsorption, and nutritional issues, irritable bowel syndrome, colon polyps, and biliary tract disease.